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Everyone is aware of problems with observation of laws at all stages of modern life in Ukraine. We are convinced that most of you have even personally encountered them. Moreover, that regards not only representatives of big business, but also rank and file citizens, not involved in business.

Versatility of questions arising both in operation of major transnational corporations and in everyday life of an average citizen, equally demand from lawyers high level of professional qualification, not to cause complaints from their customers and be competitive on the market of corresponding services.

We have been operating since 2008, aiming at saturating market of Ukraine with high-class legal services to satisfy our clients’ demands to promote social standards in society and development of rule of law in Ukraine.

Providing support to our clients under the mentioned conditions, we try to constantly improve our skills, increase bundle of knowledge and long-term legal practice, and thereby continually raise our professional level.

This web-site, summarizing information on Kushnarov Attorney Bureau, provides you with the possibility to make the impression about us. However, there is no limit to perfection, that is why we are open to your comments and suggestions, which will let us maximally meet your needs.

With best regards, Kushnarov Attorney Bureau