UNIAN press-conference

12 августа, 2016


UNIAN press-conference of AB Kushnarev’s  Director Denis Mazkevich  line-up was  the details about the case of wrongful act of building on Sadovaya str, 51 Petropavlovskaya Borshagovka, which is situated not far from Kiev.  “People of  Petropavlovskaya and Sofiyivskaya  Borshagovka villages  applied to our lawyers  with the facts of started building process of many stages buildings in their Sadovaya 51 str, which was illegal because of several reasons, the main of which is that design standards  for such villages not more than 4 stages  up buildings. For the moment the fences around building yard is already done and concrete pile driving is in process.  In fact of this we required for the legal reasons of building processes, and received the answer that some private person had started those building without any permission.”- said Denis Mazkevich.


“We have found that, that village mayor can not give as any document which can proof the rent of land lot” – said Denis Mazkevich, and added, that local deputies, who were required  by attorneys   did not confirm any resolution about it.  If there is any solution on session, it have to be declared to those citizens, whom it concern”- said the attorney.       

The attorney assistant,  Ms. Olga Sidorchuk mentioned that these facts brought to criminal proceeding, but now the investigation is at dead-set. ”Indeed, all papers that we have sent to Kievo-Svyatoshinska  procurement,  were lost or hidden – we don’t know exactly”- said Sidorchuk and added, that as a result of lack of effect of this investigation, all criminal procedure materials were sent to the National Police department in Kiev oblast.    

Beside this,  Denis Mazkevich accented that Mr. Kuksa K.M. who is tenant builder on the Mira str.15A, after selling property rights on future flats and apartments,  did not pay any taxes from his profits.  We have counted that total value of taxes from  Mr. Kuksa building  profit results more than 30 mln UAH.   But these facts are not interested by taxes authorities, no investigation is held , and  Kievo-Svyatoshinska  procurement tries to hide all this criminals. 

It’s a great pity than in country, were each citizen pay military fee, and were every penny counts, such huge sums of tax defaults  stay not mentioned- accented Denis Mazkevich.   



details on a site “UNIAN”: http://press.unian.net/press/1464986-stroitelstvo-v-petropavlovskoy-borschagovke-pod-kievom-vedetsya-bez-razreshitelnoy-dokumentatsii-ekspert.html